An Orphaned Baby Elephant That Was Speared And Stoned By Angry Villagers, He Kisses The Man Who Saved Her From A Revenge At.tack

This is the moment an orphaned baby elephant that was speared and stoned by angry villagers gave one of the people who rescued her a kiss of gratitude.

Mbegu was targeted by locals in Kimanjo, Kenya in a revenge at.tack after a woman was kil.led by another elephant. Baby elephant that was s.p.e.ared and stoned. The innocent calf was separated from the rest of the herd after she was set upon by angry villagers and was i.n.j.u.r.e.d during the commotion.


The innocent calf was separatedafter she was set upon by angry villagers and was during the commotion. She was left i.n.j.ured in a classroom (pictured) after being stoned by school children

Wardens from the Naibunga Conservancy was forced to intervene and protect the young animal. The animal is pictured during a flight to her new home. The baby elephant was found with bad i.n.j.u.r.ies before being transferred to her new home at a Kenyan reserve.Mbegu, pictured just after arriving at her new home, quickly found her feet and has been a big hit at the sanctuary. Edwin, a David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust keeper, receives some affection from Mbegu, an orphaned baby elephant.


Mbegu (right) was timid at first but was introduced to other elephants and soon found her feet at the sanctuary. Mbegu greatfully accepts a drink from one of her keepers as she continues to recover from her horrific ordeal. Mbegu has settled extremely well and loves the other orphans who love her too. Her wounds took some time to heal and she has made a full recovery.


Rescuers fitted the baby orphaned elephant with a blanket to keep her warm as she continued her recuperation. Keepers say Mbegu likes nothing better than to plunge into mud and cool off in the water at the sanctuary.


Mbegu gives her keeper a kiss and a cuddle. She narrowly escaped de..ath when angry villagers attacked her with stones. Mbegu has proven to be very loving towards her keepers despite the trauma originally suffered at the hands of humans.

And is now totally at home in her new environment and is genuinely happy. She had experienced unimaginable t.r.a.u.m.a that day and is extremely lucky to still be alive.


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