Baby Elephant Is Welcomed With A Hug After Arriving In The Sanctuary

When Chaba arrived at Tʜᴀɪʟᴀɴᴅ’s Elephant Nature Park, the young elephant took her time adjusting to her new surroundings. She didn’t have to experience her anxiety for very long as Pyi Mai, another baby elephant, was on the way to give Chaba a reassuring embrace by interlocking their trunks.


Park projects director Ry Emmerson said that it seemed like Pyi Mai was yelling, “Welcome home!”. He knew they would become the best of friends at that point! Elephants frequently embrace by wrapping their trunks together, according to Emmerson. These demonstrations of affection are meant to express love and support, much like a real hug. Chaba and Pyi Mai started hugging more frequently as their bond strengthened.


According to Emmerson, they are continually exchanging vocalizations and touching each other. The other baby will promptly call for her pal to return if one of the babies wanders off. They have an unwavering, sincere love for one another. It is very nice to see.


Following their rescue from animal-abusing tourist attractions, Chaba and Pyi Mai joined their mothers at the refuge. The infants are now free to spend the remainder of their lives as a herd as they would in the wild and engage in all of their favorite activities, safe in their new home.


Playing in the mud pit together is their favorite activity. They frequently spend hours playing carelessly in the dirt. Around the rescue, Chaba and Pyi Mai have already gained a reputation for their dependable, devoted, and occasionally playful partnership.

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