Big Problem: An Elephant Chases After A Car After Being Startled In Kenya

A big elephant chased a car after being scared by motor cars racing down a Kenyan road, according to dramatic images.

The massive female elephant towered over the car and appeared set to stomp it before the driver rushed away, after another driver disturbed the elephant by speeding down the remote road.


Mwangi Kirubi, 43, was waiting in a car to take pictures in Amboseli National Park when two other vehicles rushed past him, as seen on camera.


The herd’s matriarch then approached a fourth car, where some of Mwangi’s fellow photographers were waiting, causing them to run.

Mwangi, from Nairobi, was camping in the national park when he witnessed the tragic occurrence.


‘We’d divided into two groups and were in two cars,’ he explained. We were sitting comfortably, enjoying the elephants’ company, when two more vehicles came rushing towards us, honking for us to make room.

‘I have no idea where they were going, but they were in a rush and disregarding the park’s 40kph [25mph] speed restriction.

‘I didn’t think it had agitated the elephants too much until I saw the herd’s matriarch come and threaten the second car, which had the other photographers, from my car.

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