Call for help to save herd of elephants trying to survive in garbage dump

Images of animals invaded by plastic waste generated by the human species are nothing new. Different ecologists and organizations in favor of animal life have repeatedly denounced how garbage is destroying the seas, forests and other habitats of hundreds of creatures.

But this time, a heartbreaking picture has caused a stir in social networks.


These elephants are victims of a great injustice.

A group of 25 to 30 wild elephants have been forced to rummage through a garbage dump in Sri Lanka in order to find some food to appease their hunger. The majestic creatures have lost everything, including the piece of land they once inhabited.

Garbage has invaded their homes and also their stomachs.


Out of desperation, the pachyderms have had to resort to an unhealthy and life-threatening habit. These elephants are consuming plastic products and non-digestible polyethylene.

Adults and youngsters visit this place daily.

It is no secret that it takes years for some products to decompose and it could even be longer than an animal lasts in this world.

They are paying the worst consequences of our pollution and the complaint has been made public thanks to the images captured by Jaffna photographer Tharmaplan Tilaxan.


The heartbreaking scene occurred at a garbage dump in Oluvil, an area previously inhabited by these beautiful creatures but which over the years has become the landfill of different districts such as: Sammanthurai, Kalmunai, Karaitheevu, Ninthavur, Addalachchenai, just to mention a few.

In their eagerness to find some food, they end up eating even bags.

Slowly man with his waste has invaded the forest that borders the Ampara district, causing a more than negative impact for the species that live there and the elephants do not escape from this painful situation.


Their forests were invaded by garbage.

“In the eastern province, a herd of wild elephants has acquired a peculiar and sad habit. Since recently, these elephants have been seen foraging for food in garbage dumps,” the photographer wrote in his post.

A fence of sorts was built around the site to try to keep the elephants and other creatures out, but after seeing their habitat destroyed, hunger gets the better of them and the animals turn to garbage as their only source of food.


Could man do any more damage to this planet?

This garbage dump represents a danger to the local elephant population. In fact, autopsies performed on the bodies of some deceased wild elephants show the presence of plastic products and non-digestible polyethylene in their stomachs. Man is silently killing the species under the indifferent gaze of the authorities.

The government maintains a round table that has not yet provided any solution to the problem, please share this unfortunate news and help us to denounce. We must all raise our voices to defend the rights of innocent animals.

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