Elephant Gets Revenge By Farting On Competitor’s Head

An elephant at a Thai sanctuary took revenge on a comrade, who got him off a hill, by planting his rear-end in the pachyderm’s face, before breaking wind. The video of the incident has gone viral


the wind! At the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand in Kuet Chang, two elephants — Kabu and Faa Mai — are in a constant battle over a hill that Kabu has claimed as her own.


Faa Mai can’t digest that, quite literally, it turns out.

off her throne, Faa Mai takes revenge on her pushy comrade by planting her rear-end in the other pachyderm’s face and letting go a huge fart.


A video posted to YouTube by Elephant News shows Faa Mai climbing on the small hill and taking her ‘foul-smelling’ revenge.

“Faa Mai loves to climb up Kabu’s hill. Over and over she will do this. But every time when she reaches the top, Kabu will push her off, reclaiming the mound as her own. Faa Mai becomes frustrated with this and, while continuing to play, decides to share a lesson of her own. Listen for what Faa Mai is thinking at Elephant Nature Park,” the video’s description reads.


her hindquarters directly on top of Kabu’s head and pass gas right into the other elephant’s face.

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