Elephant Invites Tourists To Request That Their Caregiver Sing A Song To Their Infant

A wonderful moment happened at the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai region. Faa Mai, a beautiful elephant, pushed tourists away so that her caregiver, who was on a tour at the time, could sing a lullaby to her adoptive baby.


This amazing event was captured on film and shared on YouTube. The following is taken from the description:

“As I was greeting the guests, Faa Mai immediately interrupted our conversation with a clear aim. “I wondered what she truly wanted as she pushed me out onto the field, headed someplace.”


Elephant requests that his baby’s caretaker perform him a song.


Faa Mai lives in the Elephant Nature Park, which is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center. It is a refuge where these colossal and noble creatures are given a second shot at life.

Faa Mai has been looked after by caregiver Lek Chailert since she was born, and the two have formed a relationship. As we can see in the photos, when Faa Mai began pushing her, she was simply following her curiously. The elephant carries her to the baby by putting her trunk around her waist.


Faa Mai seemed to have chosen to adopt the baby and give him all of her affection when he arrived at the sanctuary, and it occurred to her to take him to Lek, who had always looked after her, so that she could give her attention to the young one as well.


Lek Chailert went on to say:

“Finally, Faa Mai took me to see little Thong Ae, whom she intends to adopt. Finally, it looks that Faa Mai would want me to sing a lullaby to her tiny companion, since she likes it when I do so. It’s really lovely to watch my little child with such a kind heart. I’m really proud of her!


It’s incredible how strong an animal’s relationship with its caretaker can be. Faa Mai is definitely thankful and ecstatic to have Lek in her life, and she want to share the love she has gotten from her with Thong Ae.


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