Grumpy Elephant Stab And Kick Baby Hippo Out Of River

In Shingwedzi, a part of the Kruger National Park, a territorial elephant was not in the mood to share its riverside relaxation with more than 25 hippos and crocodiles. The elephant can be seen attempting to drive all the other animals away in a video posted by Latest Sightings, even kicking some of them.


Before discovering a newborn hippo alone on the sandbank, it started a riot. The elephant accomplished the unthinkable by moving directly in its direction and beginning to push the baby out of the water.


Gordon Crundwell, 57, who photographed the encounter between the elephant and the hippos, claimed that in his 50 years of visiting game parks, he had never witnessed anything like it. The elephant began trumpeting and thrashing around in the water as it became increasingly agitated. All of the hippos were chased out of the pool by the elephant.

A young hippo was abandoned on the sandbank during the disturbance. The elephant approached the infant and began swaying it with his trunk. Further up the sandbank, he then hurled the infant into the air, according to Crundwell.

He claimed that following the uproar, the elephant moved on from the young hippo and went back to the water, where he proceeded to trumpet and thrash about. The little hippo appeared unharmed and went back to the water. Then he went after the elephant. The newborn hippo was biting at the elephant’s back foot as he emerged from the water. The elephant appeared to become even more agitated as a result and attempted to kick the little hippo away.


A rock prevented what appeared to be another enraged ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴋ on the baby hippo as it followed the elephant out of the water. Quickly losing interest, the elephant turned and left.

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