Mother elephant cries and hugs her adopted child after many years of separation

Mother elephant cries and hugs her adopted child after many years of separation

The phrase “an elephant never forgets” holds in all aspects of an animal’s life, including motherhood. A touching story from Thailand shows how motherhood thrives in animals, even when mother and daughter do not share a biological relationship.

Two separations


A baby elephant named Mebai was taken away from its biological mother and sold to a tourist camp that specialized in trekking through the Thais jungles. While at the camp, Mebai befriended an elderly female elephant named Mae Boon Sri. The older animal takes care of the younger one as if Mebai was her daughter, according to

Mebai was released to an elephant sanctuary, where she was eventually reunited with her biological mother. However, Mae Boon Sri no longer had a daughter, and – for the second time in her life – Mebai was distanced from her motherhood.


Years after Mebai was taken from her mother; the older elephant was rescued and brought to the elephant sanctuary on foot without restriction. The elephant quit his job at the travel agency because her back couldn’t carry the weight of a human anymore. The trip took many days, but in the end, the journey was well worth it. A film crew captured the journey as humans accompanied Mae Boon Sri to her new home.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. After Mae Boon Sri entered the reserve, she reunited with her adopted daughter and met Mebai’s biological mother for the first time.


The video below shows how both mothers examine each other and make celebratory noises. The baby elephant, who was six years old at the time of the reunion, touched both of her mothers in the same outfit to express her appreciation and love for both children in her life.

“You can hear the joy” in the trumpets, noises, and voices coming from the giant animals, said Handlers. Baby elephants live with their mothers for life as part of a herd. An elephant living away from her mother for a significant period of time can have severe consequences for the animal’s health.

What would a human mother do if her child was taken involuntarily? When they see the child again, the reunion would be filled with happy, joyful sounds of laughter and tears, hugging and kissing. Maybe we’re not so different. To learn how you can help animals in need around the world, visit the Animal Rescue Website.

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