On Valentine’s Day, Male Elephants Shut Down The Wildflowers To Express Their Love With Lovers

On Valentine’s Day, the male elephant in Inverdoorn Reserve Game Reserve, Cape Town, South Africa has hurriedly interrupted a bunch of wild flowers on the road to express his feelings with her elephants he loved.

During the visit of Inverdoorn Reserve Game Reserve in the capital Cape Town of South Africa recently, the photographer Melanie Arxhoek recorded an extremely romantic moment of the animal world when a male elephant corded with flowers Wild roads to give to lovers.


The two large animals were extremely excited as soon as he reached his face. While approaching her girlfriend, male elephants enlisted to get a bunch of wild flowers along the road.


It seemedly couldn’t wait anymore, I immediately used my hose to hurry, and give her the elephant standing beside her.


After that, the giant couple smelled flowers and looked at the very affectionate each other. While she was shyly shy, the male elephant laughed her eyes because she was happy to be in response.


Although I still know elephants are a great feeling of emotional and connecting animals, they even know crying when sad, but Arxhoek photographers are still extremely excited before the gestures that the elephant couple Publicly for each other in the middle of a crowded place.

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