Quick-Witted Elephants Spotted Using White Mud As Natural Sunscreen In Namibia

If you ever have a chance to visit Etosha National Park, Nambia in the summer, you will able to meet many friendly white elephants with a big smile on their face there. And no, they are not born white. They are simply covering their body in thick layers of white mud in order to protect themselves from the harsh sunlight at the park.


Despite living over 300 miles away in Nambia’s capital Windhoek, wildlife photographer and artist Anja Denker can’t help visiting Etosha National Park and its charming creatures whenever she has the chance. The 50-year-old photographer has just captured an amusing series of these cute elephants having fun with mud at a waterhole during her recent trip, and it has won the hearts of countless animal lovers worldwide.


According to Denker, these lovely giants have always been an endless source of inspiration for many photographers in the country. For some reason, they are wonderfully photogenic.

“I have been photographing Etosha’s so-called ‘white’ elephants for several years now,” Denker said. “They always make great subjects to photograph due to their impressive size and white color.”


In addition to snapping fantastic shots, watching these lively animals in their natural habitats is also a nice experience that she loves to enjoy.

“I have witnessed a few interactions with them now as they dip themselves and other animals in the water at different waterholes and have fun covering themselves with white mud,” she said. “There is always a thrill when you really get close to them on the road or when they pass your car very closely.

Even though elephants are being known as the biggest animal on land, they are also one of the sweetest, most gentle critters that you could ever meet. The “white” tuskers at Etosha National Park are a fascinating example, they always know how to warmly welcome their guests.


“Their sheer size is intimidating, but they’re always light and I’ve never had a problem being in their presence,” Denker concluded.

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