Rescued Elephant Emerges From The Wild To Reunite With The Man Who Raised Her

About 20 years ago, a young newborn elephant named Sunyei was abandoned in the wilds of Africa’s deadly continent. Sunyei, who was only a few days old and had been orphaned after being removed from her mother, needed to be saved right away.


Despite the fact that she did not have a biological mother, she never lacked the love and care that only a father can provide, because she was saved in time. Sunyei was helped by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, and she became a vital part of the elephant and rhino orphanage from that point on.

He met Benjamin here, the guy who oversees the orphanage’s nursery and acts as the orphaned elephants’ ‘foster father.’


The sanctuary’s executive director, Rob Brandford, told The Dodo:

“He organizes the orphans’ daily care and well-being, ensuring that they are always happy and healthy.”

Sunyei was left in Benjamin’s care, and the guy made sure she was happy, comfortable, and most importantly, healthy from that day forward. Sunyei gradually learnt everything Benjamin and her other keepers had taught her in order to protect herself and function like a regular elephant.


Sunyei was finally ready to venture out on her own after years of training and was released into the wild. Despite leaving the orphanage, Sunyei seemed to have kept the individuals who assisted her in her heart, particularly Benjamin.

Rob had this to say:

“While Sunyei may have chosen to return to the wild over a decade ago, it appears she never forgot the care extended to her.”


The elephant was always thankful to her keepers, and she demonstrated this when she opted to leave the forest to meet her companion Benjamin.

But what’s most unexpected is that she didn’t just come out to say hello; she took her kid with her to meet the guy who reared her. Because it displays the elephants’ intellect, the emotional incident caught on camera has become a phenomenon on the orphanage’s social networks.


Rob continued, ”

“It tells a lot about an elephant’s intelligence and feeling of family that a fully grown, wild elephant wanted to give a new calf to the human family that nurtured it.”

That’s most likely why she returned, as well as the fact that it was a secure location to introduce her kid.


Sunyei still has a strong link with all of her carers, and she considers them all to be members of her extended family.


Sunyei’s visit was also not her last, as she has returned multiple times since then to meet her pals.’

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