The Extraordinary Moment An Elephant Uses Its Trunk To Pick Up And Dispose Of Rubbish Left On Grass

This elephant proves it’s not a litterbug after incredible footage showing him picking up trash and throwing it in the trash can.

It shows that flies aren’t the only nuisance to the giant mammal, which has chosen to contribute its bit to the environment.

CCTV shows the elephant wandering through the garden of a house in the Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa, before discovering some empty cans left on the grass.


The elephant then moves off after doing its bit for the environment in the national park

After the elephant has made its way to the litter, it carefully sucks the cans one by one with its trunk before dropping them into a nearby trash can with one of its feet.


It also appears to have disposed of trash it had previously found in the bush before picking up the cans.

The first is easy to think of, but the second can prove to be a little more problematic.


After the elephant uses its foot to make the grip more secure, it drops the can on the floor.

But the quest to keep the grass free of rubbish is unstoppable, and it is fortunate for the second time that the can has been successfully placed in the trash.

After rummaging in the bushes near to the house, the elephant bounds over to the rubbish


The first can is easy to work for the elephant, who drops it carefully into the rubbish bin

Russell Owen MacLaughlin is a photographer based in Hoedspruit, South Africa, who captured the fantastic incident after setting up CCTV surveillance cameras to see what wildlife was visiting the area.

The enthralling incident was filmed by Russell Owen MacLaughlin who was videoing animals in the Greater Kruger national park, South Africa


Russell said, “The elephant just went and picked up cans to throw in the trash can.”

It was stunning. I can not explain why or how it happened; it just did. I think it has to be another case of animals doing amazing things.

Here is the video was recorded for CCTV:


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